The End of The Year – 2016

So here we are on the Eve of a new year…and what a year it has been! Ups and downs, ins and outs, twists and turns! I am not complaining here, today at the end of the crazy roller-coaster ride. I however did complain throughout. Ask my boyfriend and he will confirm that with a “OH YES!”

The main thing that this year has taught me is not to doubt myself. Not to put limits on myself and to definitely not let others put limits on me! Not saying this attitude means I have not failed, or fallen flat on my face or come up short. Definitely have. Several times. No, what this attitude does is save valuable time and energy. Let’s be honest, once we start on the whole, ‘Oh, I don’t know…’ line of talk we are already half way to failing. We are spending so much time and energy thinking on how things could not work, how they could go wrong, be a disaster, that we really have no time to make it a success. Negativity is a cancer that bleeds away our energy and will.

This year was a lot of situations where I was thrust into things with not a whole lot of thinking time. It was an adapt and do or be in a lot of trouble kind of year.  I was a complain fest while it was happening but looking back I see that I needed this year. Needed that confidence boost, that growth. And as tough as it was, as emotionally draining, I would not trade it for anything.

My sincere hope and wish for you guys this New Year’s Eve is that you also find the ‘Can Do’ attitude to help you live your life to the fullest, doing what is best for your personal growth. Shine like the star you are and bring some light into this ever darkening world.

Happy New Year! 



New Year and a New Beginning

Another year has passed and a new one begun. I like the start of a new year. It symbolises new beginnings for me! And I like beginnings. Everything has a beginning and some really interesting things follow a good beginning! A bad one too!

Looking back at 2012 I can honestly say I entered that year with anger in my heart, dread and a bad attitude! I kept that attitude and mindset throughout the year and managed to have what I consider a very bad year in my life.  I made quite a few mistakes and learnt quite a few lessons! Overall, 2012 was not my favourite year!

In our culture and maybe in many others, it is considered a bad start to enter a new year with last year’s ‘baggage’! We believe that the way we begin a year sets the stage for the rest of the year. I don’t know whether this can be scientifically proven (most probably not) and maybe it’s just an old Sri Lanka superstition but it has some truth to it! How we start something, anything, does affect how it progresses! You start something with a bad attitude, a project, a job, even homework; you are hardly ever going to find you are enjoying it half way! Even if it is enjoyable we kind of miss out on it because of our existing bad attitude!

So this year, I have made up my mind to begin life in this country properly. I will not let the past and the things I cannot change hold me back from enjoying what could and most probably is a good chapter in my life. My bad attitude kind of made me forget that God is still in charge of my life and HE knows what HE’s doing!

So here’s to new beginnings and to whatever life brings my way! May I face it with a good attitude and never forget that though sometimes life does seem out of control and overwhelming God’s always in charge and HE knows what HE’s doing!

I hope and wish the same for you! May this year be one filled with success and joy! May all your dreams come true and may you be richly blessed!

Happy New Year!!!