Weddings – The Beauty & Sacredness

I am getting married next year. Wedding planning is fully underway, but before I had even begun I heard about the Bridezillas, the expenses, the struggles and the arguments that were part and parcel of a wedding. That fairy tale dream you have as a kid it seems, is not a fairy tale at all.

To some degree all of the above has been true. I have been having Bridezilla moments. The expense is mind-blowing. The struggles and arguments are very real.

Last night though after another brain melting episode of getting frustrated, I sat down to plan out the Blessing ceremony. I think a little background is needed at this juncture. I am a multi-cultural Christian, while my husband to be is a Sri Lankan, Hindu Tamil. The majority of you probably have no idea what I am talking about. In short it’s different cultures, different religions and we are two opposites anyway (think Ying and Yang here). There are two ceremonies, one, a traditional Hindu Tamil and the other a Blessing ceremony as mentioned before.

Back to the story at hand; as I sat down to plan out the Blessing ceremony, a calmness settled over me. I chose the hymns to be used, I chose the readings, I typed out the vows and blessings and it hit me. I am getting married. I am going to bind myself to one person for the rest of my life and promise to love and cherish him for as long as I live and I am doing it with complete trust and belief that he will do the same.

We live in a world where complete trust and surrender are not a normal thing anymore. We are suspicious of our neighbours, our co-workers, even our friends. We think no one is for us, that we can only depend on ourselves and that people will always let us down. It’s a mindset that has grown and that spreads everyday with the intolerance, the hate, the shading, the taking sides.

Still there are marriages. People choose to get married and make vows before God, before friends and family and they get the government involved too.  That gives me hope. That shows that deep down we still believe in the better things, the positive things, we still have hope. We are capable of going against the flow and trusting and believing!

Weddings, marriage, it is a reminder of the best in life, a reminder to us of tolerance, of love and care, of community, of hope, of complete surrender and complete trust. It is a sacred thing that still remains, in spite of how dark the world seems to be turning. So when you take away the planning hassle and the expenses what you are left with is an age old ceremony of beauty.

I personally cannot wait for the day.



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