Hoping so much it hurts…

Have you ever hoped for something so badly that it physically hurt? I am in the middle of hoping to get a job that would fix so many issues that I am currently facing in my current workplace that seep into my personal life as well.

I have constantly been praying and I am close to tears with how badly I want this to work out and how much it will mean if it does.

The level of frustration and the feeling of being cornered is so strong at my current workplace that I want to scream.

Does a workplace have the right to make an individual feel so hopeless and worthless? Does anyone or anything? Yet we let ourselves be bullied and cornered daily by people, circumstances and situations that should have no power over us. Why do we do that? We need to make a living, we need to have the good things in life, we need to survive. We need to grow. We need to, we need to and we need to! The world judges if not! We all choose things in life even though we may not want them. What is the meaning of life if you go through it doing things that bring you no joy??

I am a writer at heart, I am dreamer, I want to help people, I want to do something meaningful with my life. But these are not goals or dreams that are accepted by the world. These are not jobs (unless you have already proven yourself in these areas). They are shunned, frowned upon. You are told, ‘do not be stupid’, or called crazy. Or asked, ‘how will you live? What will you do for a future?’

Our world does not support nor encourage taking chances. It would much rather we all fit into a box and stay there. Rebels, thinkers, they are not welcome. They cannot be controlled. They cannot be contained once the fire is lit. So they douse those flames before they start. Before the spark that could set the world on fire even starts they are doused.

We are all rebels, born into a world that has no place for us. Those of us who keep fighting to keep that spark alive are those individuals the rest of us look up to. No one ever succeeded truly by being in a box.

Embrace the rebel within you! Remember your strength and uniqueness. Never lose your spark or let the flame die!


8 Replies to “Hoping so much it hurts…”

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  1. Hey. This is really an inspiring piece of writing. I am amazed how one can put so many emotions into words. You are a talented writer and this is amazing. I hope you could follow my blog page, maybe you’ll get inspired. Thank you! 🙂

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