Poets have written odes, writers have given stories, musicians all have at least one song about it, actors try their best to portray it, religions preach it, humanity yearns for it; but what is love really?

In my life, love is my mother who sacrifices all her desires and dreams for her children. Love are my sisters who stick by me even when I am at my worst. Love is the pinky promise to never leave and the eyes that still look right into mine with love even when I have messed up. Love are the friends that know I am a drama queen but still put up with it and laugh. Love are the children in the Sunday school who have a light that never seems to dim. Love is God who sees all my imperfections and still chooses to never leave.

Love therefore, isn’t a feeling or an idea. Love are the people. Their actions. Their reactions. Their choices. Love isn’t to be found without, somewhere out there, it’s within, waiting to be used. You and I are the definition of love, because you and I are the ones who can show love and therefore open up others to do the same.

Love is all we really need, all we really want, everything else is just extras. Love provides everything else.

So I end with the lyrics that I like best on love from one of my favourite artists – Matt Maher.

“Love will hold us together, make us a shelter away from the storm. And I’ll be my brother’s keeper, so the whole world will know that we are not alone…”

Be LOVE to someone today.


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