Strong minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events… Weak minds discuss people

So very true and on point

Grounds For Thought


“She is leaving her husband after 40 years of marriage… Wonder what happened there?”, “She’s 35 and has never been with someone in a relationship… I think she a lesbian?”, “He’s such a good-natured guy, does he even know there are rumors of his wife cheating on him?”

Have you ever, been on the receiving end of such gossip? God knows I have. Its hard to be away from such immaterial talk. Most around us engage in this line of gossip all the time. It’s important to know who and what to filter out from our daily routine. There was a point when I cut certain people out of my life, just because of the negative energy they brought by talking down about people I may know (or even not know!) for a laugh or just bring it up as a something that happened. I highly dislike it (hate is a very strong word…

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