The Meaning of Christmas To Me

Christmas for me has always been about family and generosity and hope inspite of how trying life may seem. It has always been a time that reminds me that as long as you have family, you have everything you could ever need. That been generous and open and caring is something that will leave you the richer; and that hope is a light that will guide you home in the darkest of nights.

I think that is what God’s message would be too. Jesus was born and Joseph and Mary were there, to protect and care for him in his innocent age. They raised him and I believe their upbringing had an impact. God chose them for a reason afterall.

The shepherds, who had not much,  brought gifts. The wise men travelled from the Far East, to bring their gifts. They put the time, took the effort. Even the angels gave a gift, for the first time in a very long time they let man hear their voices raised in worship.

And a star reminded us that we will from that day on always have hope to guide us home. That even on a cold, dark night, we should hold on to hope!

Wishing everyone a blessed, warm, happy, merry christmas and holiday season, filled with family, generosity and hope!

God bless you all. 


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