A new month…

I am a big believer in, ‘everyday is a new beginning’. So the start of a new month is definitely a chance for new things.

I need new things. I need a fresh start. October took me for a ride. I was heart-broken, I was shocked, hopes dashed, revelations that left me confused and hurt; I was taught lessons I did not want to learn. I needed to learn them though.

I learned my right and wrong isn’t neccessarily someone else’s. That my code of honour are not known to everyone. That what I’d consider as betrayal isn’t betrayal to others. I also learned I was worth a lot more than I ever believed, that I deserve happiness and I have a right to it. I learned I get to choose who stays in my life and who does not, and sometimes it’s the people I love who I need to say goodbye to. I learned that sometimes you have to put on a mask because it’s the only way to survive.

With all those lessons and more, I move, full of optimism, to a new month. I am wiser, I am more ready for what comes next but I am also a little more cautious. I think October took away some more of my innocence, in that, I no longer believe that people do the right thing as often as they should. It was more a hope that, but the hope is gone now. Still, I have a positive outlook towards November.

When life gets you down so much, the only way to get back at it, is to smile. So smile today, tomorrow and always. People who love you will be glad, people who don’t will be mad. If we are being honest, both things are nice to know!


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