Turning Points

There are specific, tangible moments in life which you can look back on and say, ‘That is where and when everything changed.’

To get to those moments, you usually have to trudge through monotony, fight through storms, wander through darkness, cry through heartache and crawl, to the edge of that moment broken, bruised, battered and ready to give up. You usually reach there cowering and scared, utterly tested, all your strength drained.

Some of us don’t get to that moment. We get rooted somewhere along the way. Lost in a place we will never truly grow.

For those who make it to that moment, well, that is a point of change, victory, over-coming; a moment you find that you are so much more, that you are capable of so much more than you thought, that you had strength within you, you never even knew existed.

Those moments bring about transformation. The dirty, broken, ragged person that arrived finds a light within that shines so bright that their outer shell is shattered. They discover they have wings to fly and soar over everything. Those moments make us, they lead us through to brighter futures.

The point of life is reaching each of those moments. There isn’t only one ofcourse, it’s a journey. You will have to go through all the monotony, storms, darkness, heartache many times in life and each time will leave you broken, but eventually better.

You come into this world, with God having created you, but who you become, is up to you. He gives life, but it’s up to you to do what you want with it. He gives you the choices, and waits like a parent, for you to make the right ones. He is always there to help you if you ask but He knows you have to learn to walk so He waits patiently in the background, watching you learn. If you stumble he’ll steady you, but not always, cause there are lessons in falling too.

So take the journey. Find yourself. Fly.


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