Shutting Out The Noise

The world is a noisy place.

I live in the middle of the city and midday is traffic overload as people leave work to pick up kids, have lunch and such. The sound of all the vehicles zooming through the city roads (which are under contruction) is deafening. You can get disoriented walking on the roads at these times. The big buses honking deafen you. The dust that is in the air blinds you at times cause it’s so thick. The heat roasts you. There is a lot happening. That is the outside world.

The inside world, the world that is you, your family, your job, your friends, can be just as deafening. The number of people that are waiting to give advice, opinions, ask questions, question your decisions, is endless. The more people you interact with the louder the noise. The noise from their lives intertwine into yours and it’s a whole other level of noisy.

Then there is your noise. The noise that you deal with by yourself, your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings.

Our lives are a combination of all these noises and sometimes all you want to do is put your hands over your ears and run!! The noise gets too much. You feel crowded, frustrated and it becomes very hard to concentrate on any one thing. At times like these, we really need quiet but it becomes impossible to find. When you can’t find it, the only solution left to you is to create it. How to do that? Simple. Switch off your phone, go off by yourself, don’t ask for permission, don’t wait for approval, you are anyway no good to anyone if you are a mess. So take time for you. You are the only one responsible for your well-being. Take the time to un-wind, do something you love. Forget the world, outside, inside. You will find the quiet when you are by yourself. You will feel the calm. You will feel better. Go on. Try it!


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