Emotions…We all have them; everyday, every minute, in every situation. We are feeling things throughout our lifetime. Feelings are good. The fact that you feel, means you are alive, that you have a heart, that you are capable of loving. The flipside of that coin is the negative side to feelings. They make you feel lost, confused, paralyse your life, you feel hurt, you feel jealousy, you feel pride. The worst thing is they crowd you. You never feel one emotion at a time. It’s always a whole bunch, altogether, and you feel inclined to yell, ‘Make a single file line! One by one!’

The hardest thing is sorting it all out. They all fight for your attention. It’s like having a bunch of unruly kids you can’t keep track of, but you know you have to keep track of them or else someone else could probably get hurt and so could you.

So what is the solution? I really don’t have an answer to that. Meditation? I am afraid I have a hard time focusing. Exercise? Tire yourself out completely physically so that you don’t have strength for anything else? Tried that, doesn’t fit my lifestyle. Feel all the emotions? A very good likelihood that I will lose my sanity. So what is the solution? Maybe a combination of all three?I should try that.

If anyone else has any suggestions they are most welcome! Please give me some suggestions!


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