Dear Yesterday

Hope you are well. Why do I say that? I know you are not well. You are broken, you are upset, you are bitter and you will not let me be. You haunt me with your presence. I try to be happy with today but you always come around to remind, accuse, question. I just want to live my life, I want to face each day with a smile without your ghost to bring around the clouds that hide the sunshine.

You and I had some good times, but you need to let me move on. You need to set me free. You need to stop using the people I love to get back into my life. You need to realise that I don’t want you to define who I am. I made some mistakes with you but I am allowed mistakes. I am not perfect, I’ll be the first to admit, but that is no reason to guilt me into thinking that I will never find happiness.

I have loved and lost, I have loved and made mistakes, I have made impulsive decisions, I have let others define me in so many ways, I have let others down, but I don’t want the burden of you anymore! I do not want to carry around the guilt, the questions, and the accusations against myself. I want to be me without you. I want a new start without you.

This is good-bye Yesterday. I cannot be the best me with you around. It’s not me, it’s you. You cannot let things be me. You cannot accept yourself. If you cannot learn to live with yourself, how can you expect me to? I am sorry, but I have no choice. I have no choice but to say goodbye forever.

Yesterday, my dear yesterday…You were never meant to stay in anyone’s life as more than a lesson. You are not supposed to haunt them and make them feel insecure. You are supposed to bring smiles of what was and help people move on with the smiles still on their faces. When did you forget your purpose? Or did we, did I change you? Am I to blame? If so that is another reason to say goodbye.

I sincerely hope you find the peace you need.




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