“…and the clock struck midnight.”

I like midnight! It’s actually one of the quietest moments in the day. I like the silence that seems to fall with it. You can actually hear yourself! Midnight makes me feel free. Like anything is possible. It releases me from my inhibitions and lets me out of my walls of protection. I am, after midnight, free to be me! I am just me! Not my responsibilities, or insecurities, or emotions that I carry inside me all day that drive me crazy. My brain is not analyzing  a thousand things and I can just relax!

Today I went for a long walk. I never get out of the house if I can help it. I am a person who needs to be dragged out of the house but who seriously loves going out as well. I just can never make myself, which is an utter load of rubbish of course. Today, however, I made the choice to go for a walk. Every bone in my body and every thought and every beat of my heart complained, enticed me with other things, and tried their best to drive the desire, idea, need to go for a walk (i believe this is me saying I’m lazy long way round) out. Normally I’d just plump myself back onto a chair or my bed and let myself convince me against it. Today it was different. I took me by surprise. I wanted to walk, and before I even had time to come up with my usual excuses I was out the door and walking. I didn’t give me a chance to disagree! Sometimes the biggest battles are fought with yourself it seems. 

The walk was good for me. I walked for an hour and yet it felt like 5 minutes. When I walk, I don’t think. I look around like a kid who is seeing things for the first time and I always glance at the sky, repeatedly. I like to see the clouds. I like the sky! It’s so open, gives you a feeling of freedom! That’s why I like the sea as well, the sea though gives a hint of danger too. I like that. I like walking alone, if someone had come along I do not think I would have relaxed as much as I did.

The day was good, the walk was good, but I am still a bit restless at heart. Not sure what it is…Anyway that is all for today. Till next time.


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