Not Welcome!

He sneaked in again when my back was turned to the door. Sat at the kitchen table and made himself at home. I turn around to find him with his face in his hands, sighing away as though everything was wrong in the world. I am annoyed at first to see him back, but soon his sad eyes and frown of despair gets to me and before long I join him at the table and sigh away too. I sigh at how many things have not turned out the way I’d like or wanted to. I sigh at all the lost hopes and all the lost dreams and start comparing my life with that of those around me and I just spiral into self-pity!

When Self-Pity sneaks into your House of Emotions it takes up all the space! And the more it dwells the larger it becomes, until all other emotions are forced out. The negative emotions find a way to sneak back in by latching themselves to Self-Pity. These are usually Anger, Bitterness, Jealousy, Envy and the like.

Self-Pity sneaks into my house a lot. My usual reaction to his coming is – let’s join the pity party! Now though I have realized I get to have a say in who comes and stays in my House of Emotions! And Self-Pity is NOT welcome! So when he tried to sneak in recently I took a good strong pan from my beautiful kitchen (it’s a beautiful kitchen with marble top finishes and an array of the best pots and pans) and chased him out the backdoor! I have had enough of his visits! Yes there are a lot of things in my life that haven’t turned out the way I wanted and never will now but I am still living! I still have the power to have some new dreams and goals and bring them to life! If I keep dwelling on the past I will miss the opportunities in the present and in turn miss out on a great future!

So from now on, whenever Self-Pity tries to make a visit he’ll be greeting my trusted stainless-steel pan! I am hoping that after a few such greetings he’ll understand that he is no longer welcome in my house! Self-Pity is one emotion you really do not need and can do without really well!

So…as Arnold Schwarzenegger says in Terminator – “Hasta la vista, baby”!!!!


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