Divisions and Dreamers

There are a lot of things in this world that divide us. Religion, social status, culture, backgrounds; these are some of the major ones. We also have the everyday things like values, dreams, goals, ideas, actions to name a few. There’s also envy, jealousy,dislike, hatred.

There are so many things, as can be seen, that sets us apart and builds barriers between us. Sometimes it can be discouraging and tiring to try and overcome those barriers, especially when there is no willingness to compromise on the other person’s part! The truth is, sometimes I am as unwilling to compromise as the person next to me.

The Bible chronicles divisions like no where else in my opinion, the old testament was filled with divisions, the first major one occurred in the Garden of Eden, between God and man. That seems to have set the precedent for all that followed. Cain and Abel. The Tower of Babel when language divided us. Abraham and Lot. Jacob and Esau. Saul and David. Israel and God. And I can go on and on. There are so many stories of division.

The one major thing I noticed though was that somehow at the end of most of these true stories (I believe the Bible to be the truth), the division was overcome. The division that set the precedent was bridged when God sent Jesus to die for our sins. And throughout the Bible most divisons were healed. So bridging the gap is not an impossibility. It can be done. But it does take hard work, commitment and most importantly willingness to build the bridge. It may require you to take a few deep breaths, count to ten, and call upon all your resouces not to destroy that bridge and walk away but it’ll be worth it!

I always have believed and always will believe that if we are really willing to try we can do almost anything. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience and commitment to the cause. The world will definitely be a better place with less divisions! And I think it’s upto individuals to make the world a better place. Leaders, politicians, religious heads can talk but they cannot bring about change without us! We, the general populace are the power behind everything. We need to realise that and maybe then we can start changing the world. One person at a time. If we could all try to understand each other a bit more and see what we are all struggling with, then maybe there’s still a chance for peace in this world.

It really would be a miracle to see a lot more tolerance and understanding and kindness in the world. And that’s a miracle we could perform! I know I sound like a dreamer with no sense of reality. All I can say is that dreamers are the ones who’ll bring about change cause they see things that aren’t there and then start working towards them! Realists see what’s already there and in my opinion lack vision!

Be a dreamer! Try for change!


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