Botanical Gardens

So last Sunday, me and my family went out of the city. We went to a place called Kandy, in Sri Lanka (yes, pronounced the same as ‘candy’). Here’s a link for anyone who wishes to read more about Kandy –

Needless to say, from Colombo to Kandy it’s a whole new world almost. It’s much cooler in Kandy, also much more scenic and green, in other words, there’s fresh air with no pollution! 

We went to quite a few places, but the place that really made me happy was the Botanical Gardens. I love nature, I love trees, flowers, the quietness in nature, only broken by the sounds of birds and squirrels chattering away! So this was like paradise! I took lotsa pics and thought I’d share the ones I took in the Orchid House. As it’s name implies it houses some beautiful orchids! Unfortunately I forgot to write down their names! I hope you still enjoy the pics. I took them from my phone camera and really don’t know if they are any good! (Here’s a wikipedia link about The Royal Botanical Gardens –,_Peradeniya)

Here goes:



This is presumably called ‘The Holy Ghost’. If you look closely you’ll see that there’s a dove in the middle of this orchid. Pretty awesome! Just reminds you of God’s creativity! 🙂


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