I believe in angels. I’m sure they are fighting battles unseen by mortal eyes protecting human beings in ways we can’t fathom. I’m sure there have been times I haven’t even known when something could have gone horrible wrong and it didn’t cause an angel was watching over me from heaven. I really believe that!

This post though, is not about the heavenly angels. It’s about the earthly ones. The everyday people who make your life easier by being there. I am a very blessed person in that I have had many angels in my life. Some I have recognised, others not till after they have gone. 

I have a circle of angels! They are everyday, ordinary human beings, but with one exception, I know they are looking out for me. It’s nice to have those people you can call and talk to anytime about anything and know they won’t judge you but rather listen and tell you the truth and try to keep you from making mistakes. Nice to know someone is watching out for you and having your best interests at heart. It really does make a person feel special!

So for all the angels looking out for me on earth, may God bless you and keep you safe! I am glad you were or are in my life and I will always cherish and be thankful for all of you!   



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