My Three Stages Of Exam Fever

So exams are in a week! OH MY GOSH!!! WHAT?? HOW?? WHERE?? I THOUGHT I HAD MORE TIME!!

Why is it that the majority of us only ever start studying for exams when they are really close by?

Last year, December to be exact, I made a resolution to study way before the actual exams. I had had a bad time with the exams that month. My strategy was to go over what I had learned from my classes after I got home. For the first few weeks that went well, the memory of doing badly on the exams kept me motivated and I went over what I had learned that day! After a few weeks though, meeting up with friends, having fun, made me forget my resolution. Another factor that helped this, was the fact that I was pretty tired after getting home. I take part-time classes on the weekends and I have classes all day Saturday and by the time I get home I am utterly tired. Granted, Sunday is only half day classes, but who ever feels like doing anything on a Sunday than just lazy around?

So my resolution slowly forgotten I went on with life and before I knew it, I had exams in two months! What?? My that time the exam fever starts to set in. First stage is delusion. I convince myself that I have more time, That two months is more than enough time to study three subjects. Deep down I have a sneaking suspicion I am being an idiot but I delude myself into believing that is not so. I am a jolly person who doesn’t let things get to her! Cool as a cucumber.

One month to exams, still haven’t started studying and now the second stage hits, Panic! Utter, paralysing panic! This leads to foul moods, rushing about trying to learn three subjects at once and a case of hair fall!

Two weeks to exams, and the third stage hits. This is a layered stage. First comes the feeling of despair, followed by silence, then tears. Then as the time counts down, resignation to the fact I am not ready for the exams! Then a foolish hope that I will somehow be able to pass with my patched up knowledge. The final part of this is the calm before the storm. I feel utterly calm and nothing seems to worry me.

Having put that down on here, I am left wondering, why in the world do I put myself in such a situation, over and over again? I have no answer. I really should know better by now but I don’t seem to!

The subjects I will be doing in June are Performance Management, Taxation (UK) and Corporate Law. I am studying for my ACCA Qualification (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). These exams will only get harder as I progress. I really have to have a better study plan than the one I follow now! The unnecessary stress is not doing me any good. With work to contend with too now I cannot put off till the last minute!

Wish me luck! I need it!



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