Work, Exams, Friends, Laundry

Well I have started work. It’s been about two weeks and I am enjoying it. As I am new and it’s my first job I am not given too much responsibility (is that supposed to be the other way round?) and so my time is spent talking to my team members who are all quite interesting and so very different! They are friendly, helpful, funny individuals and I like working with them! I like going to work! Is that weird? Well, I’ve always been a bit weird. 😀

On top of work, which is between 12:30pm to 9:30pm, I also have exams coming up in June! Three papers, none of which are, easy. Actually two of them I find hard. How I am going to pass these papers, are beyond me. I am studying, but studying has never been my strong point and I am finding it difficult with work as well. Passing is necessary though as failure is unacceptable!

With work, studies, classes, exams coming up, I can honestly say the rest of my life is in a big mess. I am an organised person usually but even I, need time to organise, and have not found it. Working is a completely new experience that I am yet to fully adapt to and with exams; I just don’t seem to have time or the peace of mind to organise myself. Having work at the hours I do means, I miss my friends sometimes and my family and don’t find the time to chat or be there. I haven’t fully learned to balance it all out yet! Maybe not at all.

Another thing that’s messy in the midst of all this, is my laundry. I am sadly admitting, it is piling up and I just do not seem to find the time to do it! The weekends should normally be the time to sort such things but I do not have time as I have classes on those two days. I have a horrid feeling that if I do not do my laundry soon, I shall create a horrible, indestructible monster of laundry that I will not be able to destroy by using even the strongest washing powder! If I do not write for a very long time, you know what fate has befallen me!

Talking about writing, I am sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. With all the changes and stress, I have not had the peace of mind to sit down and type or even write anything. My mind’s too cluttered and normally I use writing to clean up the mess but I don’t seem to have the time to do that! Today thankfully I found some spare time and so I write!

Tomorrow a new week, can’t wait to go to work! But stressing about exams as well. That’s life I guess, positives and negatives. One thing I hold onto in the midst of the messiness of life is that, “GOD WOULD NOT GIVE ME ANYTHING I CAN’T HANDLE. I JUST NEED TO FIND THE STRENGTH WITHING ME THAT HE ALREADY SEES!”


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