She made her way to her favourite spot in the garden. The swing waited for her like an old friend, ready to once again, head off into realms far from this land. She sat and pushed herself by kicking the ground. Very soon, she was going as high as she could. The wind tore its fingers through her hair, her cheeks bloomed with colour and she felt alive, she felt free. She closed her eyes; she loved the feeling of terror and excitement that ran through her body on doing that. She squealed and laughed aloud, utterly enjoying herself.

She slowly let herself slow down as the night crawled over the garden, plunging everything into shadows. The last straggling birds gave their shouts of farewell and set off home and the crickets started their chirping, filling the silent evening with their song. The bats flew high and low, weaving their way through the trees perfectly, the afternoon’s warm breeze turned cool and she smiled to herself, content. Her eyes made their way towards the sky; the first stars had already started to twinkle in the heavens. She watched as more and more bright pinpricks of light went on all over the sky.

She had watched the stars wake up before, shining their lights and bejewelling the entire sky. She always felt calm and serene when she watched this happen. Her doubts disappeared, her fears were forgotten, she felt small, insignificant, like nothing mattered but this absolutely, beautiful course of nature, masterminded by a God who created the whole planet, her whole self, her whole life, the whole universe!

She liked to think the stars meant something. Scientists would have told her they were balls of burning gases, but she preferred a more imaginative, more fantastic explanation for them. She believed each star represented an angel. She watched now as the angels shone their lights and filled her up with hope and strength. She took a deep breath and thanked God for another day, her family, her good times and strength for the bad times. She closed her eyes and just quietly waited as the wind gently caressed her cheek and moved on, she opened them with a sigh, looked once more into the heavens and stood up to go inside.

 As she walked away, the darkness cast its shadows around her, but as the angels watched they saw the light that shimmered around her like a shield – the darkness could not touch her. They stars above twinkled a little brighter. 



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