Nicely Tanned and Extremely Hungry

I went to a sports day event. Yep, me! Those who know me, would most probably look at me incredulously as I was the girl who always had an excuse for not taking part in any kind of sport while at school or ever really. The simple reason is not that I hated sports, but that being a small child surrounded by much bigger children I always felt like I was at a disadvantage and rather than try to overcome this disadvantage I just gave into it and did no sports.

My fears were for my safety and I also did not want to look a fool! For examples – in playing netball I was afraid that the ball which looked bigger than my head would knock me on said head and leave me sprawled on the ground; in playing hockey, I feared for my skinny limbs which could easily get whacked by the hard sticks and ball; in playing volleyball, well the ball hurt my hands and I could never get it over the net. As you can imagine, I squirmed and cringed whenever a ball came near me! The amount of times, though, that I wished I could take part and be some good were many. Watching others play always left me with a sense of excitemement that I still have to this day.

So it will be no surprise that I did not take part in this sports day but just went to support my friends, school, and be a spectator. It was my first time at such an event in Sri Lanka and I was soon wondering how these people were playing any kind of sport in the heat that started to get unbearable as the morning wore on and the afternoon made it’s appearance. To play cricket. football, basketball in that heat was, in my opinion, quite a feat. As time passed by I found myself finishing bottle after bottle of water.

In spite of the heat I enjoyed myself! I’m the kind of spectator that jumps up and down and yells with excitement and I did that. My usual cool reserve that I tend to have around everyone gave way to a relaxation that was wholly needed! I laughed, I cheered, I yelled out names, clapped really loudly, in short I just lived in the moment with no reserve.Ā 

All the fresh air and exercise – I walked around the grounds atleast 4 to 5 times – left me feeling hungry, thirsty and roasted! I am happy about the hungry as I hardly ever have an appetite or feel hungry so this was great. And the roasted part has over two days turned into a nice tan and I’m enjoying it as well! šŸ™‚

All in all the day was great. Had fun with friends and family; decided that maybe next time I might actually take part in one of the sports, mainly cricket; tried out some new food from Maldives, delicious I might say; and realised that fresh air and exercise give me a healthy appetite and I am aiming to be healthy this year.

Can’t wait for my next outing. šŸ™‚



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