Days Come and Days Go

So we’re already heading towards the end of another month in this year of 2013! Where is the time flying? 

I really miss the lazy days spent in the sun, feeling as though time never moved. Now that I think about it, the days spent in Malawi feel like something right out of a fairytale and I feel as though someone has jerked me into reality. It feels a lifetime and a realm away, my life in Africa.

Life is all about change and growth but sometimes that change and growth can leave you feeling confused and lost. My life now, is like a completely new book with a whole new me. It’s a bit confusing, finding sides to me I didn’t even know existed and then figuring out how to reconcile what I have found to who I already am. How am I to be the new me, without losing the old me? Rediscovering one’s self is one of the hardest jobs in the world, I think. At the same time, there is some fun in it. I don’t have to be so worried and afraid of changes, no matter where the changes are taking place.

“The one constant thing in this life is change.”

So things to look forward to in the next few months:

  1. Good Friday and Easter
  2. Sri Lankan New Year on April 14th (I celebrate three new years, the usual, the Chinese and the Sri Lankan)
  3. My sister’s 21st Birthday (Oh gosh, she’s so grown up. I have three younger sisters and every birthday makes me cry a bit.)
  4. Starting a job (not sure when that is yet, but I have faith it’ll happen in the next few months)
  5. Leaving my mark on everything I do (my surroundings need a bit of colour ;))
  6. Exams in June (Yes, I’m looking forward to that. Weird I know!)

So, those are the main things. Who knows what else will pop up along the way? I am really going to try to enjoy myself and not stress. I stress too much and I have to learn to relax! So wish me luck on enjoying my life instead of worrying about my life so much. After all, the way days are flying I may wake up one day and realise I forgot to enjoy life while I had it. Utterly possible! 


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