A Box of Tissues and a Book

I’m down with the flu. Yes, that dreaded virus that makes the neighbours think there’s an elephant next door!

When I get sick, I get sick. I am not the girl to say, “It’s just flu, pull yourself together and get on with life.” I stay in bed, I mope, I need people to look after me and as my family likes to put it, I become a pain. In my defence, I really do feel bad when I get even a tiny flu. My immune system is, as my friends like to put it, “horrible”.

I think because I’m small in size for my 22 years of age and I look “puny”, not my word, my lecturer’s, people tend to treat me like some fragile thing that’ll fall to pieces any minute. Being treated that way, pretty much my whole life I have begun to believe that of myself. A while back, another friend, was kind enough to tell me, “You’re not as fragile as you look.” That made me think! I have fallen sick alot since coming here. I am small and look weak, but those things do not necessarily mean I am weak. My falling sick since getting here most probably, has to do with the change in environment and diet. Also, I’m sure that if I exercised and ate healthier I will be fine. I am just too lazy to exercise but as of late, I have been pushing myself to do that, as I am really getting sick of everyone treating me like a baby!

So, even though I have the flu, this time I am up and about, I am eating properly and getting around in spite of my body yelling at me to sleep! I had two days of classes and got through them without staying home and saying, “I can’t!” I had another job interview today and in spite of wanting to stay in bed and sleep, I went to it. Yesterday, though I took the day off to rest. Hey, I do not want to push my body too far. I settled in bed with a box of tissues and Wilbur Smith’s book Warlock.

This is my first time reading a Wilbur Smith book and so far, I am hooked. This book is based on ancient Egypt and all it’s mystery and enchantment is touched on in a descriptive and interesting way! I love ancient history, Egyptian, Greek, Roman; I find the cultures vibrant and the way of life captivating. So reading this book is a delight! The deserts are beautiful as well as deadly. The lush, fertile land, along the Great Nile River, is described in such a way that I almost feel as though I was there. The characters are, literally brought to life as he does such a good job of describing them and their emotions that, Ancient Egyptians no longer feel like some long ago characters in a fairy tale but real, like you and me! Wilbur Smith really does take you on a journey back in time!

My recommendation for anyone who has never read a Wilbur Smith book before; try it! I know his books are quite long and may seem a challenge but you will not regret it. I believe the best authors are ones that make you feel as though you are a part of the story, part of the action, while sitting comfortably on a bed or snuggled in your favourite armchair. Wilbur Smith does that with this book and I have a feeling he does it with all his books. You won’t regret taking the journey, even if it is long!

There, that’s my flu and my book dealt with. I’m going back to Egypt now, have a good day to you all! 🙂




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