A Glimpse into a Whole New World

Yesterday, I went to my first ever job interview. IT WAS, literally, a completely new world! The corporate world is tempting and there’s a certain glamour in it (for me), but at the same time it’s not an easy world to manoeuvre in, especially for someone who has never come into contact with it before.

To say I was unprepared would be fair. I got the call informing me of the interview on Tuesday afternoon. The interview was set for Wednesday 11:30 am. The first thing, I had nothing to wear! My wardrobe is made up of clothes that are not at all suited to a job interview, and as presentation is an important factor as well, I had to rush to go find something to wear. Finding clothes that fit my petite frame is a difficult enough thing normally but it became downright impossible when shopping to look professional. After that, I had a few hours to research the company, which I am happy to say I did. I was nervous the whole of the day and the blazing afternoon sun did not help matters and at the end of the day, I went to bed with a splitting headache.

Come Wednesday, I had found my calm and was quite looking forward to the interview, well looking forward and trying not to run in the opposite direction. At sharp 11:30, I believe in punctuality, I was through the glass doors, got past security with a visitor’s badge and went onto the 12th floor where they directed me to the 13th. I was given a preliminary questionnaire to fill up, which I did, and waited. Waiting seems to be a thing with job interviews or was it just me?

I was there atleast an hour before I was called for the first stage of the interviews, got through that stage well. Second stage I was given an English proficiency test as well as an excel proficiency test and that took about an hour to complete. Should I have been faster? Then handed that in and waited another hour to meet the second interviewers and they liked me very much it seemed but I wasn’t what they were looking for. Then I waited another few hours for a third interview and after finally finishing that and been told that they’ll keep in touch, I was allowed to go home, which was 6hrs later!

I was pretty much told what to expect in an interview, the questions they may ask and how to handle them, but let me tell you been told what to expect and actually having the questions asked is a whole other thing. I was nervous and I was quite surprised that I didn’t get up and run out!

I do not know if I’ll get the job but I am happy to say I did gain some valuable knowledge that will definitely help with the next interview. I now have an idea about the whole interview process and the type of tests they may set and what kind of general questions they may ask. Next time I will be better prepared.

I also found out I have more patience than I give myself credit for. I sat and waited for hours without complaining and normally I’d have thrown a tantrum. I didn’t even feel inclined to, which tells me, I can look past my needs and wait on others. Which is a good thing!

I also proved to myself that I can step out of my comfort zone and get things done by myself. I do not need someone to hold my hand. After that experience I feel everything else in life that I was afraid to do, simple things by the way, are a piece of cake. 

Like someone said, “There are no such things as failures, only lessons.”

So, till my next venture into this new world, I shall continue life in the world I know, but with a new attitude!


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