An Insight To The Mechanisms in my Brain

I am a really, slow person. I do not rush, I hardly ever run and my favourite way to relax is by calmly sitting in one place for hours. I sound like a tortoise! That is me physically. Then there is me mentally. That is a whole other ball game. Though I am a tortoise physically, I am an absolute hare in my mind! My mind is always working, always thinking, always rushing about, it’s a machine that never shuts down and I am not exaggerating when I say that it even works in my sleep! For all the calm and serenity I portray on the outside, I’m an absolute, over-excited, rush about, in my head!

If I was in a book, this is how I’d describe myself:

She sat quietly on the couch in the corner; her legs crossed daintily, her hands atop a book, looking like a Buddha who is close to enlightenment. People who passed by would either totally miss her, due to the big pot plant shading her and the fact she was very petite that the brown, leather, cushions seem about to swallow her, or would glance at the young lady and think “If only I had time to sit around.” If they took the time to look at her for long though, they’d notice that though she hardly made any move, a part of her was in constant motion: her eyes. They moved all over the place, from one interesting person to another in this crowded hotel lobby, lingering at times on what she found interesting and yet just as quickly moving on to something new. There wasn’t much she missed, though she hardly lingered long enough to really glean anything. She saw the smile on the face of a stern looking elderly lady on seeing a child play. She saw the harassed mother yelling at her child, the child looking sadly elsewhere at her busy dad, she saw a young couple holding hands with expressions on their faces of a secret joy they thought only they knew, she saw all these things and she stored it away in her ever busy mind. Her mind making plans for the day and wondering how the book she had would unfold and wondering why the old lady was so stern looking and why the father was so busy and how the young couple met. Her mind thinking about her problems, trying to find solutions, going through the day’s to do list and what else she may add! And all these things were thought one after the other, without a break, but with no sign of outward effects for any of it. If given the chance she may have sat their endlessly and sprouted roots and never moved again but thankfully there were people in her life who got her moving.

So that’s how I’d put myself in a book. I’m sure I may have over glamorized a bit! 😀




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