Choices! Choices! Choices!

Life is made up of choices, life is the sum total of our choices. Choice of waking up, choice of what to have for breakfast (a choice I hardly ever deal with, sad to say), choice of what to wear, what to say, how to act in a situation. In short everything is a choice! 

Sometimes though we forget that it’s our choice, there are so many voices yelling at you that you get confused as to what it is you want to do. At other times, of course you have no real choice but to do something. There’s a hidden choice at these times. I definitely never realized I had hidden choices! It was the choice of how I react in situations like that! That is still mine, even if I have no say in what’s happening, I still did have a choice in how I handled it! That was one big revelation to me. I normally went with the flow when it came to my emotions, hardly ever did I think I had a choice in how to react and deal with things I couldn’t control!

Choices, come in all shapes and sizes, from the ordinary, mundane ones, to the life changing, herculean ones, to the mid-sized, every once in a while ones. They can also be said to have different colours, depending on what part of your life they relate to. Maybe this is only for me? I like colour coding! J They are also sometimes invisible as discussed above. Then there are also the extremely confusing ones, those ones leave you with a headache as they are changing shape, size and colour and you can’t get to the center of the choice easily. As you can guess these are the times you don’t know what to do! There really is no getting away from choices.

Imagine though, if we had no choices, what if all our decisions were made for us; what if we didn’t have to think or weigh options or decide what to do? All we have to do is obey. Life would most probably be less stressful don’t you think.

In that case, why were we blessed with choice? God most probably knew what Eve and Adam (anybody notice I put Eve first, well she ate the fruit first!) were going to do in the Garden of Eden.  So why did he give them a choice? Why let them disobey him, why let them break His heart, why let them curse themselves to death? I think it’s because God didn’t want robots. He wanted us to have free will because that’s freedom! We may take our choices lightly, but every choice we make for ourselves is a big resounding cry of freedom! We are free to make choices, to do what we want! It make us whole in a way. We are free, He made us free. Sure, we went ahead and enslaved ourselves with that freedom but even then, He had a plan to free us again! Pretty awesome when you think about it that way, He always has a plan.

So be thankful today that you are free to make choices, even if they are tiny ones, even those spell out freedom! Some of us I know have no choices. In obscure and some not so obscure (really where in the world is obscure these days), places there are people who like to take away other peoples’ choices! They take choices, throw it into the dust, beat it and twist it out of shape trying to bury it! All I can say is, choices are not always visible and freedom isn’t always an outwardly seen thing. True freedom lies in your heart and no one can take that away from you!

As for those of us who are blessed with vast amounts of freedom, don’t abuse it! Don’t waste it! Your freedom doesn’t give you free reign to be fools, act stupid, making choices that can harm others and yourself. True freedom knows when not to overstep that boundary-less freedom!

I’ll end with this quote by Frank Herbert:

“Seek freedom and become captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty.”




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