I find in my case and a lot of others these days, consistency is missing! People say one thing, while thinking something totally different and then do something unrelated to both! It does leave one feeling a bit lost and confused. It also leaves one with a sense of unreliability relating to said people! It breaks trust and creates situations where people stop believing in you!

I know that I tend to be inconsistent. I make no excuses for it because there really is none to make! What good reason could there possibly be for breaking a promise to your sister or telling your friend you’ll do something and failing to? None!  Whatever I have to say will end up being some useless explanation that means very little to the person whose hopes I have crushed and whose trust I have broken! They believed in me and I let them down.

My problem, one of many, is I have this need to please everyone! It’s very annoying that particular need as it means I automatically say yes to things or make promises that I just know I can’t keep! I do it to make the person happy without any thought to how disappointed they will be when I fail to do what I said I would! This is something I am starting to realize I have a problem with and am working on it.

My urge to jump in and say yes is very hard to control. I tend to become an eager little puppy that just wants to please it’s master! As I am acting like a puppy I am treating myself like one and am training myself to take a breath, think about whether I can actually accomplish what it is they are asking and then give my answer! This whole action package is harder to carry out than it sounds!

Another thing that stems from my urge to please is my quickness to make promises. I really should know better on this subject as I know how I have felt to have promises broken repeatedly! Jesus had it right as usual when he said in Matthew 5:37:

Just say a simple, ‘Yes, I will,’ or ‘No, I won’t.’ Your word is enough. To strengthen your vow with a promise shows that something is wrong.” (NLT)

Extremely good advice! 




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