The Pilgrim’s Progress

I have been reading the book The Pilgrim’s Progress for two or three years! I first heard of it a few years after I became a Christian, which was nine years ago. I tried reading it then, but for some reason could not make myself continue with it after the first few pages. Then I decided I would attempt reading it again about two years ago. Once again, I could not continue further than the first few pages! I love reading and hardly ever meet with such difficulty in continuing and finishing a book! This year though I aimed to read 22 books via Goodreads and decided to include The Pilgrim’s Progress in the list. Surprisingly I have found myself reading it without a problem this time.

You can imagine my surprise at being able to read the book easily NOW! Me being me, ofcourse I needed to find the reason for this! I don’t believe in coincidences and I choose to believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything happens when it’s supposed to! I also believe that no matter how crazy this world gets or how much I sometimes forget, God’s still in charge! Just cause we don’t always acknowledge it or sometimes plain doubt it or even don’t even believe it, that doesn’t change the fact He IS still in charge! I know because I have done all three. Seeing the world’s pain and chaos, I have had moments where I did not believe God was in charge! Seeing the circumstances I have gone through and my trust in Him and not seeing any relief I have doubted Him being in charge. In addition, sometimes I just plain ignored He was in charge and refused or forgot to acknowledge His being in charge. HE ofcourse never stopped being in charge inspite of that! And HE always forgave my lack of faith and praise even though I really don’t deserve it. I mean He’s GOD, I’m just small me!

Back to the reason…Well as far as I can tell I believe that I needed to read this book NOW! I had to read it at this time in my life because to be honest I needed the messages the book was teaching now more than I did in the past! I had to learn the lessons from the book now because I have grown far from God and closer to this ‘world’ for a while now. And as anyone who has read The Pilgrim’s Progress knows this book is like a travel guide for the Christian walk! It marks out all the pitfalls, all the adversaries we face, all the roads to avoid and what lives down those roads. It is a book of allegory that manages to capture the essence of our journey as Christians and in my case it opened up my eyes to all the places I had stumbled at and made me realize I needed to humble myself and ask forgiveness from God for straying from the path!

God’s hand has been quite evident in my life! I forget that sometimes. He watches over me as He does all His children and HE guides and does what is best for me as a loving and merciful Father. The thing is I have not had a father who corrected me and chastised me and cared about my future and well-being for quite a long while. I have forgotten what it’s like to be loved by a dad, to have a father who corrected me and knew what was best for me. I sometimes, for that reason, don’t really see His love right away. Don’t see my worth in His eyes as easily as I might have. I forget and fail to see how important I am to Him. Cause I am important to Him aren’t I? Everyone is important to Him and HE loves us all inspite of ourselves. That’s a pretty amazing thing when I think about it, to have someone love you unconditionally even though HE knows EVERYTHING about you! Blows my mind! What about yours??



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