What I’m Giving Up For Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday. The beginning of Lent. I went to midday mass at our Anglican church for the first time today. I loved the church, it’s beautiful! And the atmosphere was one where I felt closer to God on stepping in. It was really nice to go to mass. I wasn’t brought up a Christian and never had any formal church going experience and this was really a blessing! 

This Lent I’m giving up social media! For 40 days I will be without Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp…

This is definitely going to be a challenge as most of my communications take place over these mediums. But after really thinking about what to give up for Lent, social media seemed like the right thing as it is one of those things that take up quite a bit of my time and energy. Time and energy that can be better spent doing other more productive things! 

Giving up social media for 40 days means I will have plenty of time in my hands. And I have thought up of what to fill that time with. Firstly, I’m going to start reading and studying the Bible like I used to when I first became a Christian. My passion for studying the Bible seems to have dwindled with time and that is a bad thing. Secondly, I shall concentrate on my studies. Thirdly on finding a job and last but not least on my writing, which as a friend of mine was kind enough to point out ‘I’m wasting my talent by not focusing on it more’.

So, that is what the next 40 days of my life will be filled with! Hopefully I learn some good habits and self-control, as well as and most important, get closer to God and also develop myself. It is not going to be easy to be without something that is such a big part of my life. But I always believe, the harder the challenge, the better the feeling of accomplishment when you succeed! 

So what are you giving up for Lent?




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