The Vice of Social Media

Time management has been forefront in my mind of late due to the excessive workload that I’m about to have dropped on my lap. I have never fully learned the art of good time management due to the fact I have never had the need to – till now! But as of February, I am aiming to change that and be more organised and use my time efficiently as time is one of those things you cannot get back. You can’t hoard it, nor buy it, or borrow it. Once it’s gone it’s gone!

So in my analysis of how I spend my time, I have discovered that the majority of my time is spent on social media! This is depressing to say the least as I do nothing productive during said time. I don’t even know why I spend so much time on social media! How many times in a minute can I check my facebook or how much time can I spend scrolling through my twitter? And what do I get from doing it??

All very good questions which when I answer truthfully leave me feeling quite a bit like an idiot. I think my problem is that I had a fairly laidback and isolated life with nothing to do so social media became my place to go to fight boredom and feel connected with others. It became such a normal thing to always log onto my facebook or twitter, that now it’s become second nature. Sometimes without even knowing I’m doing it I log onto facebook or twitter. Muscle memory I guess.

The problem now is I have things to do and the vice of social media is getting in the way of doing these things! Even when I know, for example, that I have to finish my assignments or some such, productive thing, I still manage to waste time on facebook or twitter. The end result being I do not get the things I need to get done on time! That leads to rushing and stressing and my peace of mind getting seriously messed up!

So starting from February, I have decided to set in place serious roadblocks to kick my social media addiction! Yep, I said addiction! Cause it is exactly that! Here are a few things I have decided to do:

1)      Log out of my facebook and twitter on my phone! And remove username and password remembering on my phone to make it more work to log on.

2)      Keeping my phone away from me! I’ll have to put my ringtones and message tones quite high and keep it somewhere I can’t see it, because when I see it, my first urge is to check my fb or twitter.

3)      Remind myself that I DO NOT NEED to check my fb or twitter. I am not going to die if I don’t and the world definitely isn’t going to end! Most times I’m not even thinking about my actions when I check my social media sites.

4)      Keep a set time to check my fb and twitter, as well as a time limit and STICK to it! Even going a minute above that time limit will be bad as I’ll just keep adding to that minute!

So yeah, those are the steps I’m taking! Does anyone else struggle with this and if so what steps have you taken to deal with it? I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. I definitely struggle with the temptation of checking social media far too often during my work day–especially when I am really using this as a form of procrastination. As I type the link into my URL, I’ve learned to stop and really think about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. If it’s not immediately work-related, then I hit backspace.

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