Exam Time Is Here Again…

“Exams” that dreaded word students all over the world, collectively hate! If you don’t hate exams then I’m inclined to believe you are an alien from a planet far, far away most probably called Exams!

My problem with exams is the sitting in one place and studying part. I have a hard time concentrating on things for long. My mind starts to sleep or wander. I just cannot make it stay focused on one thing. Distractions are numerous in my life as well. My biggest distraction is my phone! I am always and forever on my phone! I am starting to believe I am addicted to using my phone! My friend Rachel talked about idols in her blog post  http://1alien.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/sleep-an-idol/ (I highly recommend you read it). My phone has definitely become an idol in my life. I have to put it back in its rightful place – lower down on my list of important things!

Another problem that I face is the inability to prepare ahead for exams! A week or so to exams is when I usually get panicked and start to study! And even that I have a hard time doing because of the above mentioned distractions!

I suppose those two reasons really come down to lack of self control and discipline! I have always had those problems and I think it’s time I tried to solve them because now there is much more at stake and much more to lose.

And last but not least, if I’m being absolutely honest my biggest problem, I’ve realised is pride. I have never failed an exam. Even when I’m absolutely unprepared I still manage to pass somehow. I think due to this reason I have developed an over egotistic attitude of invincibility that is sure to be my downfall soon!

My sister’s favourite quote is, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!” She lives by that. She is younger than me but has self control and discipline that puts me to shame! I should take a leaf out of her book and try to be more disciplined. Goes to show, you can learn from anyone, young or old.

It says in the Bible, that there is a time for everything. Well, I need to learn that concept and make time for everything. Giving priority to some things over others is a disaster waiting to happen. Balance, I’m starting to realise, is important in life. So is time management.

So wish me luck as I try to balance out my life. This is going to take a major overhaul!


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