I Miss Home – Malawi

So I’ve been sick, again! It seems this tropical island has a new virus every other week and my weak immune system is more than happy to pick up on them! This means I was ill two weeks ago, got well, had a nice week of good health, and got sick again the week after. This bout of illness has made me really re-think a lot of things and appreciate and be very thankful for good health.

It’s also made me very appreciative of the 15 years I spent in Malawi and made me realise how many things I miss about the place. So this morning I woke up and thought about the general things I loved about my life there.

One of my favourite things I used to do there is wake up early on Sunday mornings, my family tends to sleep late on Sundays, and open the door that led out through the kitchen, go out, sit on the steps and breathe in the fresh, crisp, clean air. The wind would be blowing through the trees, we love trees, and I just loved the sound. The birds would all be singing, we had so many birds in our garden, and flying around and eating mulberries from the mulberry bush-we used to make mulberry jam when it was the season for that berry…delicious-there used to be these two little birds who always sat together and they were my favourite. On some days the neighbour’s dog, Shadow, we named him, came around after a night of gallivanting and wanted to be petted and so I’d have to pet him or else I’d be licked and jumped on and toppled over! My hands needed a good wash after! Then Bambo would come along, half asleep and say, “Good morning Chathu”, in his gruff voice and I’d reply back with a smile!

On other days my favourite thing to do sometimes is just pull open my room curtains and let the sun stream in with its golden beams that make the dust swirls seem magical! I’d open the windows and the tall trees would be whispering and dancing and it always made me smile!

In the evenings, as night fell, my favourite thing to do would be to go out on to the swing and sit there, swinging back and forth, talking to my best friend over texts, waiting for the stars to come out! Most evenings we’d have power cuts, so it was almost always pitch dark. I was never afraid, because I knew Bambo was there and Shadow always hung around too! The stars were always so bright and sparkly and as the night progressed you’d be able to see more of them. I’d wait till the power came back or till my favourite star came out. I’d always try to wish on the first star that appeared, but sadly I normally I missed the opportunity!

Another awesome thing about our house was the garden, we had a pretty big garden and my mum and sister love gardening so it was always getting new additions of flowers and bushes and trees. The flowers were the prettiest and colourful! My mum’s lilies were so lovely. We also had a pretty impressive fruit garden and we used to love going to pick fruits, nothing like fresh fruit, right from the garden.

I really do miss my life there. I am thankful that I got to live there for 15 years and I will always treasure the memories and one day, hopefully, I’ll be able to go back.




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