A Lot of Questions and a Few Statements

Choices made for your benefit…But what good is that benefit when at the end of the day it leads to your misery? A moment’s misery is bearable if you knew it was going to lead to joy in the end. But is a moment’s joy or happiness worth a lifetime of misery? I do not think so!

The world is a hard place as it is. Why should we add to it by our own hands? Should we not make choices with good judgement to ease our lives on this earth? Shouldn’t we especially think clearly and carefully if others are involved, if our choices affect people other than ourselves? And if such choices affect others, should we not listen to what these others have to say? Should we not let them have a say on how their lives will turn out?

We cannot make our choices with what we owe someONE or what our hearts tell us is right, when others are involved. We have to use our heads!  You have to be able to make choices for the greater good! Not just doing what’s right for the moment but what’s right for the future. It’s not easy! Sometimes it means you have to break someone’s heart or give up something you want! We can’t put an individual person’s needs and wants above a group’s can we? Between one person’s life and many lives, do not the many lives deserve the greater attention?

I’m not saying crush the one person completely or not to care about that person at all! We do have some responsibility towards our fellow humans, no matter how much they make us feel as though we’d like nothing better than for them to disappear into thin air! We can’t be selfish and only think about ourselves. But then the question is when is it going to be enough? What do you do if the person who’s causing a lot of people misery is taking your kindness for granted? When they cannot see your pain and struggle or the pain they are causing to those close to you? Do you continue being kind or do you say, ‘enough is enough’? What do you do if your kindness ends up hurting a lot of other people? God cannot expect us to put one person’s needs before a group of people? Does He? Who gets priority?

I have grown up having being proven to me that making choices with your heart will lead to heartache and tears. I always do my best to think with my head in all matters. Not saying I haven’t thought with and acted with my heart, because I have.  For me emotions/feelings cloud a matter. It does not allow us to see things clearly as they are and when you can’t see properly you are bound to walk right into a concrete wall! Therefore I try my best to think with my head in any situation, but that means I shut off my emotions and that makes me appear cruel and cold. It’s not who I am. I’m a warm, caring person who loves deeply. But I am also a person who has had to spend her whole life trying to survive one way or another and that has made ME who I am. Other people might have reacted differently and turned out differently but this is how I reacted and turned out! And I am no longer apologising for it!


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