I’m a big believer in ‘Actions speak louder than words!’ Mainly because I’ve come across a lot of people who can ‘talk the talk’ but very rarely ‘walk the talk’ as well! It’s infuriating and disappointing!

Having said that I am not narrow minded to think that words do not matter!  Words are pretty powerful things in themselves. They get ideas across, they inspire, they encourage, they can make you feel brave and courageous or frightened and weak. They have the power to make or break you, build you up or tear you down and I’ve experienced both.

I guess what’s got me thinking about words so much is the book I’m currently reading…The Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. In it the author puts a lot of emphasis on the power of words and how what you say can have lasting impressions on people. It can change their outlooks, ideas, feelings, attitudes, beliefs…It can even completely change them!

It also got me thinking about how quick we are to use words without really thinking about the repercussions or consequences of what we say. We throw words around like they are nothing. Words may seem like harmless things but I think they all have some effect on the people hearing or reading them, sometimes even on the people speaking or writing them.

Good examples of the power of words would be the speeches given by kings and presidents in times of distress, or the inspiring words of a general on a battlefield, or the soft, soothing whispers of a mother to her child. Bad examples might be words used to spread hate and discord, abusive words spat at people in anger, words specifically spoken to belittle and make people miserable and the list can go on.

Then there are times when you say things with all the good intention and care and love in the world but even those words can backfire and cause harm. Mostly these are promises you do not keep or the sweet things you say that build people up only to have them crash down because something happened to negate what you said.

So words, like most important things can be used either for good or bad. I know I’m going to think twice before I say anything and then even when I do, I’ll choose my words carefully!

The Bible was right, “Let your yes be yes and your no, no” (Not an exact quotation).




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