Week 3 of the challenge…

She stands in the midst of a dessert and looks up and up and up. A loud rumbling noise that shakes the heavens causes her to put her hands over her ears tightly. Ugly, mocking laughter rings out, carried around the desert by the sandy winds.

A loud, hard voice says, “You’ll never succeed!”

She’d like nothing better than to kick this horrible giant in the shins but she remains calm and says, “We’ll see, won’t we?” and walks away!

This is what it feels like to stay off social media (part of the 30 Day challenge)!

I am starting to realise that I spend insanely large amounts of time on social media. Ever since I’ve been off, which is since Monday, I have found myself with time that I didn’t even know I had! I was pretty lost as to what to do with all this free time to be honest. (But of course life being life and always so helpful decided to make sure I have exams at the time so I’ve studied in all my free time.)

I’ve also realised 95% of the time I am doing nothing productive when I’m on facebook or twitter! I’m reading other people’s statuses, re-tweeting things…really now that I think about it, what do I do half the times???

I am not saying social media is bad. I talk to some of my closest friends through social media sites! This is because they are in different parts of the world and it’s the easiest, most convenient way to keep in touch. It is also a great platform to share ideas and connect with the world.

The negative side comes into play when we spend more time on social media than we do in reality! When we miss the things that go on around us because we’re so busy looking at our phones or computer screens. Another negative thing is we get so used to talking to other people through social media that sometimes we don’t bother to call or visit or send a long, lovely letter through the mail (I mean snail mail to be clear). Those things are so much more personal than when you talk to someone through chat or message someone through facebook.

So I’ve decided I shall cut down on my social media time from now on. I shall check my facebook once everyday and not be on twitter every second! I shall also make more of an effort to call my friends, write them a letter, yeah I know pretty old-fashioned, and to keep in touch with them in a more personal manner. Not going to be easy since my close friends are all spread around the world.

I can already hear another giant laughing up a storm. Annoying things those giants! But as I said before, “We’ll see, won’t we?” 😉



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