Week 2 – No Television!!

Week two of my 30 Day Challenge and I am without TV for the whole week!

This is proving to be a real challenge, because even though I’m not watching TV for the week, my family has no such obligations! And let me tell you, it is extremely hard to not get sucked into watching when you hear the TV! Add to that, that when I leave my room the first thing I see is the TV and you got a really hard situation!

The weird thing is we didn’t have TV for a while after moving here and I had no problem with it! So I’m left to conclude that because it’s there I want to watch! That makes me wonder, what more could I do without that I just use or need or want just because it’s there? I shall have to think about that. Then I’ll have to clear up my life. It seems I always complain that I don’t have time, but maybe I have enough and more time but unnecessary things clutter my day!

So even after the end of this week, I shall keep my television watching to a very minimum! I am not going to die and my world’s not going to end if I miss an episode of a TV series! I also do not have to re-watch movies and watch everything that goes on TV! I shall choose one or two TV series and maybe a movie a week.

Well that’s all for now! The other parts of the challenge are going well, except for the exercising! I have such a hard time with exercising! It does not help that it’s so humid and hot! But I shall perservere! Till next time!



  1. I love it how we both posted about a similiar thing haha!I’m actually restarting the tv challenge on Monday or Tuesday because when my dad is in town we tend to watch more tv so when we’re all tired we can spend time together and my dad is going out of town this week. Maybe try and get the members of your family to do the no tv challenge together and instead use that time fellowshipping with one another? 🙂

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