The Road Called Life

I always like to think of life as a journey. A walk along a road that eventually leads you home. The road changes as you go, sometimes it’s uphill, sometimes it’s downhill, sometimes it’s straight, sometimes full of bends that you can’t see what’s coming up, sometimes rocky and uneven that you slip and fall; well you get the idea. The weather changes too, it’s nice and sunny on some patches along the road and all at once it gets stormy and cloudy. The stormy and cloudy, normally happens when you’re crossing a sea. And yes, sometimes there are seas to cross. The scenery changes as well. Sometimes your road leads through fields filled with flowers and sometimes through dark, musty, humid swamps. And in extreme cases right past a volcano that’s about to erupt! (As you can most probably tell by now, I like imagery!) As you pass along and through all this the biggest  change happens in YOU! Every experience, no matter how slight leaves a mark on our lives.

Another thing to think about is, you hardly ever walk on your road alone. If everyone’s life is a road then it’s only logical to assume that sometimes people’s roads connect. Family, most times, share the same road as you. I think they share for the longest time and even when they go their separate ways they have little by-ways and lanes into yours. Sometimes of course they go home much sooner than we want them to. As to, whether you interact with those whose roads fall into yours is absolutely your choice. Although I think if they somehow stumbled onto your road, it’s fair to say they need to be there. The mastermind wouldn’t let it happen without a reason. Of course don’t assume everyone will bring something good into your road! Some bring clouds and storms and sadness. And sometimes one person can bring both good and bad. Either way you have grown, learned and gotten wiser.

It’s kind of amazing to think of life, like this. If you take the whole world into account, well it’s mind-blowing! We are all connected in some way…

I spoke about a mastermind earlier. For me that mastermind is God. Some may not agree with this, but it makes perfect sense to me. I believe He watches over each of our lives because He knows that we affect each other’s lives. There is no denying that at least. We all do have some kind of influence on one person or another. I also believe that in all our roads, He’s travelling along with us. You might ask, “How does He manage that?”  My answer, He’s God! We don’t see Him though, most of the time. We’re too busy! Too busy trying to pave our roads or move them or control where they lead. But He’s always, still there. You can notice Him if you try: The kindness of a total stranger, or a word of encouragement or a helping hand when you’ve given up. Those things are no accident.

So as you walk along, try and remember two things:

1. You NEVER walk alone!

2. You affect/influence other people, try to be more thoughtful about that.



  1. A positive and inspiring piece. A bit of constructive criticism to take on board. Paragraphing. Your paragraphs are too long and could easily lose a reader’s interest. Try to keep your paragraphs shorter but yet engaging.

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