Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?

So I haven’t blogged for a long time! Life’s been keeping me busy! I’m not used to a busy life. Still learning to work it all out…I’d written this out a while back and never got around to finishing it. So finishing it now!

So which one are you? The one who sees the glass as half empty or the one who sees it as half full?

I am both! I can be a die-hard optimist sometimes and a gloom spreading pessimist at other times! I’ve found that whenever someone is going through a hard time or is feeling down, I’m the first person to jump to remind them that ‘things get better’ and ‘keep your chin up’ and make them laugh and be their cheerleader!

I’ve also noticed that whenever I’m going through a tough time or facing a hard choice or just feeling down, I’m the first person to mourn and cry and complain and ask ‘Why me?’

So now I have a new question: ‘Why do I, Miss. Sunshine to everyone else, turn to the harbinger of gloom and misery, to myself? Why do I forget all the things I remind everyone else about?

I guess it’s easier to stand on the outside and give good advice! Much harder to be IN the situation and remember all that advice! Cause let’s be honest, when times get tough we tend to concentrate on all the problems. I know I do. I dwell on it and turn it over and over in my head and that just really brings me down. I forget to remember all the other times I had been down and always got back up. I forget that I am never alone to deal with all that life throws at me! I have God by my side always. I have my family and my friends and sometimes total strangers whose kindness brings a little light.

I should remember to cheer myself up, cause sometimes no one else is going to. Having said that though, sometimes we do need cheerleaders in our lives. We need someone else to come along and open up those thick curtains of gloom in our windows of life and let the sunshine in. We need someone to pull the thick blankets of misery and self pity off us and roll us off the bed of ‘giving up’.

I’m thankful for the people in my life who do that for me!



  1. Good post. I can also be very optimistic when it comes to others and encouraging them, but when it comes to myself I doubt if I can do things well or if I will succeed. Other people tend to give me the courage to move on, even though courage is something we all have to find within ourselves.

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